Monday, April 17, 2017

An Easter Weekend to Remember

1. The baptism of Rose and Pedro
This beautiful Easter weekend we had the chance to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior, and I had the pleasure of seeing Rose and Pedro enter the waters of baptism! We found them one month ago doing contacts on the street, and truly the promise of 'God will prepare people to here the restored gospel' was made manifest! They are truly special people that I will never forget! After some setbacks, delayed interviews, and a hectic week full of fasting and prayer, they were baptized on Saturday! My testimony of God´s love for His children has grown, and truly there is no greater joy than a baptism!
Before the Baptism:  Elder Oliveras, Rose, Pedro, Elder Rawson

Leaving the waters of baptism.
 Pedro got first pick on which Elder would baptize him and he chose me:)
He is huge for Brazil standards- and only 12 years old!

After Rosa & Pedro's baptism
2. A butt ton of new investigators
Here in Brazil Easter weekend is HUGE, so Friday till Sunday had potential to be some of the most unproductive days yet, but we set out for the street with prayerful hearts! We contacted some of the addresses we had gotten from people on the street that week and we were able to teach a family of ELEVEN people! 1 mom and 10 children, ages twenty five to three. They were super receptive and gave us Easter candy and some of them agreed to go to church next Sunday! We were super happy and it made our weekend that much better!

3. District Meeting
This week we had our last district meeting of the transfer, and I had been worried/planning for our baptism, so I didn't have time to plan my best training for my district. Just as karma would have it, 10 minutes into our meeting, our mission President slipped in the back to listen in! I almost had a heart attack, but in the end it turned out to be our best meeting yet! The Spirit will always be there when you talk about attributes of Christ:)

That´s all everyone!
 Love you guys more than you know.
-Elder Rawson

Alma 7:15

Sometimes we make shirts as a zone, this is ours for this transfer:) 
The zone leaders design them and a member prints them.
victory Xis (hamburgers)
Oliveras & Rawson -- twinning and winning with the similar ties
When Gabriel takes our phone
When your mom sends 6 lbs.of  peanut butter
 with a family in your ward who was visiting Utah
-- it is a good day for the American Elders!

my favorite zone leaders!

Easter Sunday- fanciest lunch in the mission

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