Monday, April 10, 2017

The Priesthood Strikes Back

1. Assaults in Brazil
HELLO everyone:) so I don´t know if you all saw the video that went viral of the two Elders from Brazil who got assaulted but ended up beating up the guy who tried to rob them???  Our investigators here saw the video and asked if I was the huge American in the video, so I got a good chuckle there!

This week I got a call from two Elders in my district and basically the same thing happened to them! The man wasn't armed thankfully, and everything worked out okay, but Elder Bento broke his umbrella over the dude's head in the scuffle! The Lord protects his servants, and street thugs ain't got nothing on the Priesthood of God!

2. Testimony Meeting
On the spiritual side of things, this week was spectacular! We had 3 people at church and the testimonies were on point, so the Spirit was undeniable! It was great. Also a 12 year old (Gabriel) that we´re teaching got up and bore his testimony. Naturally, as the missionary teaching him, I was scared to death that he would say something blasphemous, but he told us his dad was sick and he prayed how we taught him that he would get better and the next day God cured him! Literally every woman in the chapel was crying. The power of a boy's testimony brought this church back to the earth, and it conquered the heart of our ward this Sunday!

3. Brazilian Hymns
Portuguese hymns are straight up beautiful, and people here BELT the songs during meetings! It´s so amazing to see how it effects the meeting in such a positive way! My counsel for you all is sing a little louder this week:)

4. Miracles with Investigators
I was humbled to see the Lord's hand in the Work this week! We saw miracles this week. After lots of prayer and fasting, Rose was able to get a job to sustain her family!!!!! She and her son Pedro have accepted and are preparing for baptism! Hearing her testimony of her conversion brought me to tears. God truly takes care of his sheep and brings them into the loving care of His fold!

Sorry for the novel, but the week was just that good:) God answers prayers of faith and helps us along the path to eternal life! Nothing is better than finding God's elect and bringing them to church:) I'm in love with the work.

-Elder Rawson

when your comp tries to take a cute selfie for his mom

dinner with Silvio

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