Monday, May 29, 2017

Making the Best of a Rainy Day

1. Find, Teach, Invite
Hello my friends!!!!!!!!!! Just your average week with a LOT of rain, but the work continues! Since most people here don´t have cars and some weak houses everything shuts down during the rain, which makes our work a little difficult, but we were SUPER blessed to have lots of people let us in to teach them the Gospel this week!

2. "John's not home!!"
Although we had lots of success, we also had a couple of funny rejections. We showed up at a less actives house and clapped out front, and we clearly saw him in the front window get up, squint through the window to look at us, then RUN into the back room. His wife opened the window and yelled that he wasn't home, and I was like we just saw him! Buttttt, we just laughed it off and kept on going!

In different cultures the Bible has varying value, and here in Brazil people are Bible crazy! People have a hard time opening up to the Book of Mormon, but it also gives a chance to show people the Church is true through 'their' book as well! hahahha love our Bible Bashes!

4. God knows best
On Sunday we had meetings almost all day, but in the limited time we had we planned to visit Analee and her mom! As we were walking there another one of our investigators saw us and called us inside to chat, so there we went! We actually had a super spiritual lesson and he wants to go to Church now! We were bummed we didn't get to visit Analee, so we called her and turns out she went to the insta-care cause she was sick! I was grateful God put us in the right spot at the right moment.

Love you all!
Happy summer cause here winter's just starting:)
Elder Rawson

Cute Brazilian children

Fighting against sin
The Olympic Torch

Loved the sticky note letter:)  Thanks guys!

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