Monday, August 7, 2017

When they Finally say YES!

1. A good week on the jobbb
This week was killer! We've been working hard to help our investigators take the next step and follow Jesus´s example and be baptized, and this week we were able to mark 2 baptism dates! Felipe got up at church and bore his testimony and announced that after 2 years of investigating the church he wants to be baptized! Had every Irmã  (sister) in the room crying:')

2. Just get married!
A HUGE problem that we have here in our mission is getting people married. Less than 50% of couples are legally married, they just start living together and say they´re married, so this is a problem for us! We have a lot of people who want to be baptized but can´t cause they´re not married, and the process is a pain... But you can just call me Elder Cupid cause I`m out here  encouraging everyone to get married:)

3. English class still rocks
Our English class every Wednesday and Friday night at the church is still working out great! We have a lot of youth going, and its cool to see their progress! The first day we talked to one girl who said she was atheist, but after coming to class a few times she participates in our opening and closing prayer and even said one!

4. The power of a mission
Seeing my testimony grow through mission service is incredible. Missions teach you things that you can´t learn anywhere else. You can say you know about Priesthood power, but after you've walked 45 minutes in the rain to give a blessing to a grandma, you can truly come to know. You can say you know that God lives, but after you look a stranger in the eye and bear your wholehearted testimony, you can truly feel it. I am forever grateful for service and I invite all of you to do more to develop your testimony of Christ.

Elder Rawson

My favorite member, Vinicio, had a birthday and we celebrated with him.
His RM mission stories are gold

Weekly district training meeting

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