Monday, August 14, 2017

"C´mon man, this is why I pay tithing!"

1. Isadora´s baptism
This week was amazing! Our little friend Isadora got baptized, she´s the cutest girl ever and her faith in Christ is incredible! There is a lot to learn from the testimony of children.

We invited our investigators to watch the baptism with us, and they all loved it! Margarida was talking to us after and tried to get on the Wifi and noticed that it was down at the moment, and she said "The wifi is down?! C´mon man, this is why I pay tithing!" hahahaha funniest moment ever.

The Baptism

Isadora with her CTR ring I gave her
2. Man I´m old!!!
This week I celebrated my 23rd District meeting as District Leader! I love the chance I've had to give weekly trainings and help the other missionaries reach their potential and overcome hardships. This week I talked about teaching with the Spirit and we did a cool practice where I pretended to be a pastor of another church and they had to find scripture references to back up what they teach! It´s been great.

3. CHUVA (rain)
Man, Brazilian rainstorms are crazy! It dumped for the better part of the week which made things harder for us, but it´s great going to war every day and doing our best to bring the message of the Gospel to every soul! One of our best investigators has a dad who is anti, so he expulsed us from their house and threatened to hurt us if we came back.... LOL. But, Felipe and Margarida are great and the Lord is protecting them as they prepare for their special days so I'm happy as can be:)

love you all!
Elder Rawson


our friend Felipe!!!!

Elder Rawson looking fine

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