Monday, March 12, 2018

Give it The Gas

 1. Daniel´s baptism
This week's highlight was the baptism of a little kid we've been teaching, Daniel. His family was less active and we're helping them come back. It's different teaching Primary- aged kids, but he's the man. Irmão Alessandro, the best member missionary ever, baptized him and is taking care of him! We've been working closely with the members and our ward mission leader and things are working out well! Happy day.
Daniel with invitation to his baptism

Daniel's family

Daniel's baptism
10th Birthday/ Post-Baptism party for Daniel

Elder Silva & Elder Rawson celebrating Daniel's 10th birthday
2. God immediately blesses us when we do what´s right!
We are also teaching Alessandro´s brother, Alisson, and his wife Leticia. Alisson was baptized in another city and when he came to Santa Maria stopped going to  church. But we visited them and promised them that if they would go to church God would bless their family! So Alisson, Leticia, and their cute little daughter all came to church! Well, the very next day Alisson got a call for a job interview and he got the job! He was unemployed so it was a HUGE blessing in their life! They recognized this as an answer from God and they're going to always come! They also accepted our help to get them legally married so Leticia can get baptized! I´m so happy to know that God will can bless us spiritually and physically (Mosiah 2:41) when we are obedient!

3. Give it the gas Elder!
Well, my time in Brazil is ticking down... Just when you finally figure out how to be an effective missionary and speak the language it´s time to go home! The second half of my mission has really changed me. I´m just grateful to be here and I´m going to do my best for these last months!

Love you all! Read 3 Nephi 4:33

Elder Rawson

P.S.  Please pray for Roger and Marciele.  Their wedding is marked for next Saturday, the 24th, and if Roger can stop smoking they'll both be baptized after!  We also have a baptism date with Diane for the same day . . .

And please thank God for the great saints of Brazil and all they've done to help me and this great work.

study selfie
that day it was so hot and I was so sweaty
 I just laid on the floor by the fan instead of my bed

my fav Elder Mckinley

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