Monday, March 5, 2018

It's the Little Things That Count

Well its another beautiful morning in the kingdom brethren!

1. A pleasant surprise!
I´m loving every minute that I have to serve as a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ! The day I have to take of this tag will be a sad one... But this week I went on exchanges to my first area Salgado Filho! It´s always nice to spend a day where it all started. I had 6 great months there! Well, we entered into the house of one of their investigators and I knew I recognized the guy but I couldn't remember from where.... But he recognized me and reminded me where! 4 months ago in São Gabriel we were walking on the street and saw some guys struggling with a moving project so we jumped in and helped! Afterwards  we talked and I got their addresses and passed it along .  I  totally forgot, but turns out the Elders went there and now he´s getting married so he can get baptized! It was so cool to see a seed that I planted start to grow! No effort goes unnoticed!

2. One elect makes it all worth it
The days are long and hot, and I've never sweated more in my life, but I´m happy as can be. One elect can make it all worth it! We got a member reference for an incomplete family and we found the most elect young woman ever! Diane is 14 and is loving the church! When we shared the First Vision with her she cried and cried then at the end of the lesson we asked her to pray and she offered the most heartfelt prayer I've ever heard. It touched my heart. If everything goes well she´ll get baptized in a few weeks.

3. Cry nothing save repentance
I love being able to cry repentance among this people and invite them to make the necessary changes in their lives so that they can prepare to be baptized!! That´s what being a missionary is all about. This week I was extremely happy to see 13 of our investigators at church. Literally the best feeling ever! We have two weddings marked as well:) I´m grateful to be here serving a mission and to have come to know my Savior a little better<3

Elder Rawson

splits with Elder Munns in Salgado filho

my study desk

Pizza party
lunch with an investigator

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