Monday, May 22, 2017

Converting the Padre

1. Converting the Padre
What a week we had in the Centro! So we always walk in front of a Catholic Church in our area, and this week they were outside so we stopped and chatted with us! They were super chill and offered us a ride home, and on the road they asked us all the typical Mormon stereotype questions, and we were able to teach them a little bit about the true church:)

2. Surprise Talk
Saturday Night the Bishop gave me a call and asked if I could give a testimony the next day cause one speaker had cancelled, so I agreed. Well, I get to Church and turns out I got put as the LAST speaker with two youth speakers in front of me... So I wrote down some bullet points during the opening hymn and just went for it! I ended up talking for almost 20 minutes and felt proud to see some Sisters of the ward crying! LOL, it´s crazy how we improve as missionaries. I spent 5 hours preparing my farewell talk and it was only 10 minutes long.

3. Preach My Gospel Jeopardy
So I´ve been trying to have District Meetings that aren´t super dull, so this week I created "Preach my Gospel Jeopardy" to spice things up! I offered American candy as the prize so things got a little heated, but it was fun and everyone left excited!

4. Exchanges
Life as a missionary is full of splits, but this week I was surprised when the assistant to the president called me and wanted to work with me for a day! It´s safe to say my daily planning that day was out of this world, Plan A, B & C for everything! It went super well and I was happy to learn new missionary tricks!

Well love you all!!!!!!! Have a good one

Picking oranges off our tree in the yard

Area Centro B -- where miracles happen!
its getting a bit chilly these days. WAAY better than the heat though

dinner with a member, Tiago

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