Monday, May 8, 2017

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we proselyte!

1."Saturday is the day we get ready for Sunday..."
Hello folks! Super excited to hear from you all and to talk with my momma this Sunday:) This week went well, I was happy with the progress and miracles we saw. So we basically have the craziest Saturdays ever cause we visit all of our investigators that have potential to go to church to arrange rides, testify about the importance of the Sabbath Day, etc. This ward is super good with receiving people warmly, so everyone leaves church on Sunday happy and edified!

2. Mission traditions
One thing I love about the mission is just getting to know other Elders and making new friends! I live in an apartment of 6 and someone is always visiting for an exchange, zone conference, or someones birthday, so we are always having little parties! To celebrate we order pizza or Xis(Brazil hamburgers) and blast our MoTab and eat a ton! Missions are great people!

3. More less active success
Our mission really focuses on reactivating families, so this week we went to visit a woman who recently separated with her husband, and we showed up and the poor mom was trying to set up a bed frame for her daughter all alone. I was super happy that we showed up at the right time and were able to set it up for her!

4. Ala Centro sucesso
Our Bishop met with us last week and asked us to visit more members to strengthen them, so this week we visited ward families and had family nights with them! I really can´t say enough about the power of a consistent family night, so if you´re not doing it, repent and start now:) There's only happiness in the front!

Love you all!
Elder Rawson

Jacob 3:1
Elder Rawson(the churro man)

I love walking to lessons and just picking fruit off trees!
 Oranges here are marvelous.

 Also, I tried my first Mormon Coffee.
 It sucked just as bad as coffee smells,
but was a cool cultural experience. Coffee is huge here.

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