Monday, May 1, 2017

Fruits of the English Class

1. Baptism of Lisia
This week a girl that I taught in the English class got baptized! She lives in the other Elders area, but it was good to see another soul on Christ's side! Our ward is super great with supporting us, so it was a happy weekend!

Lisia´s baptism 

2. My first baptism interview
Another companionship in our district had a girl ready for baptism, so I got to give the baptism interview! During the interview I could really feel the Spirit testifying that she was ready and I didn't need to worry! It was a cool experience for me.

3. Winter's a Coming!
Here in South America things are getting a bit chilly! For the first time on my mission I busted out my winter clothes! Its been a good change from the killing heat.

4. Sunday Night Walks
One of my favorite things as of late is walking home Sunday Night for our house and just being full of the Spirit after knowing I kept the Sabbath day holy and gave it my all that week! Really the most rewarding part of being a missionary is the great spirit we feel. I´m convinced God gives special experiences with the Spirit to His missionaries, and lessons you can only learn through being a missionary! I am happy to be here serving the Lord!!

Have a splendid week everyone!!!!:)
Elder Rawson

D&C 88:68 (you better read this one)
Our New peacock friend!!!!

Elder Raswon's story of how he met  Rose and Pedro 
made the mission newsletter.  See below for 
the translation of the story

Spiritual Experience
Ice cream or be diligent ?!
On a wonderful fall day, me and Elder
Bento we went out in a room, ready to
preach the gospel. Some people in the
Rejected, and we almost went to take a
Ice cream, but we decided to continue. Shortly
Then we made contact with a woman and
His son who were entering his
apartment. For the first time in the day they
They listened and they wanted us to go back.
During the first lesson we taught O
Plan of Salvation and the spirit was so sweet! She
Cried and told the people who make three
Months since she had moved here.
She had prayed and asked God to send
Help her, and we came back the next day.
A month later Rose and her son were baptized.
I know God prepares his children to listen
The restored gospel, and through our
Diligence we will find them.

Elder Rawson
"And so we see the great need that the
Man has to work diligently on vineyards
Of the Lord ... "Alma 28:14

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