Monday, May 15, 2017

This One's To You Mom!

Wow was it nice to talk to my momma and the family yesterday! You don´t realize how much you love your mom till you´re 6000 miles away, but I appreciate everything you do for me mom! Weekly snail mail, detailed email updates from home, and occasionally a good old American treat! I can´t say enough about just how great my mom is:)

2. On the hunt
This week our mission president challenged us to teach a ton of new people this week, so we went out fishing for men! We were able to teach 10 new people and I was happy to see the blessings of fulfilling the challenge that our president was inspired to give us!

3. A lesson before lunch
Hitting the street before lunch hasn't been our most productive time, but this week we decided to try some addresses we had and we found a family at home! We were able to teach The Gospel of Jesus Christ and they accepted our baptism invite! Few things can make a missionary happier.

4. Getting members involved
We've been having family nights like crazy with members and investigators! It´s been the perfect way to show our investigators that 'Mormons' are normal, then hit them with the awesome Spirit that only a gospel living family can bring! I can´t say enough about having a good ole family night.

Well, I love you all, Christ lives & the Book of Mormon is the most powerful book on earth!
Elder Rawson

Alma 56:47 "And they were taught by their mothers that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them."
"When The Mother's Day Call Ends"
(Elder' Rawson's  title for these  random pictures with lovely facial expressions
-- none of them from Mother's Day)

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